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It's not a job, it's a craft

Saturday 27th November 2021

It seems that as bakeries get bigger and volumes increase, their quality goes out the door


Many mass produced pies seems to have the same thick stodgy pastry and limited flavours.


I have strived to ensure that this has not and will not happen at Countrylane Bakehouse.


I think after 30 plus years and overseeing the production of 20 million pies I think I know what a good pie should be.

I believe the filling in a pie is the main event and that the pastry although delicious and flaky should only be thick enough to hold the pie together. When you bit into a pie, it should have plenty of filling and a limited amount of pastry and that’s the reason it is called a meat pie NOT a pastry pie.


If you are going to bake something, wouldn’t you use the best ingredients you have and all your skills to make the best product possible.

In my opinion:


a steak and mushroom pie should contain – chuncky diced steak and mushrooms


chicken pie should contain – real chicken and plenty of it.


Bacon & Egg Pie – should contain good quality bacon and eggs (nothing else)


Steak & Cheese and Mince & Cheese are always a favourite. 70% of all the pies we produce are these two flavours

As we all know all pies are not created equal,


First, there should be plenty of filling, flavoursome, slow cooked lean meat with not a lot of fat. The steak should be nice and chunky and wrapped in a tasty flaky pastry.

Over the last few years there has been a shift to GOURMET PIES. We are now producing a lot of these flavours:


  • Steak/Bacon/cheese
  • Steak/Double cheese/pepper (with grilled cheese on the top) with liquid cheese inside

And more exotic pies like:


  • Butter Chicken
  • Nacho Pie (this has mince, chilli beans & cheese and sour cream) all baked inside.


Thanks from


Steve, Trish, Ryan, Michelle, Graham and the team